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Gabe soon finds that UN medical officer Richard Kress is a mole, but he is unable to stop Kress from murdering Janzen and an unnamed wounded soldier. Gabe hunts down and kills Kress, exacting revenge, before destroying a tank which Zivmovic hijacked. Gabe is able to turn his attention to Red Section and he seeks another of their allies in Viktor Yavlinski, a Russian criminal operating out of a casino. Other information gleaned from Kress' computer yields the codenames Singularity and Touchstone, the Red Section leaders.

Gabe tracks down the source of their finances and eliminates Yavlinski while dodging Touchstone.

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He escapes from the casino and soon receives word from none other than Addison. Addison reveals that she left the Agency to have a daughter.

Her ten year-old daughter Blake is now a captive of Touchstone, and they are demanding her to trade information. Gabe and his former love travel to the exchange point, but during an argument Touchstone knocks Addison down a cliff. Enraged, Gabe attacks Red Section until he can defeat Touchstone and drop him into the abyss.

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He copied every piece of classified data he received and used his resources to create Red Section. Gabe brings his team to the group's headquarters to kill Singularity and destroy the remaining traces of Dark Mirror. They rescue Blake, but Singularity taunts Gabe with memories of his past after breaking into Agency records, from the murdering of the cathedral test subjects and the betrayal of Jason Chance to the conspiracy when Gabe was working for Vincent Hadden and Logan's obsession with Mihai Niculescu.

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Infuriated, Gabe disrupts the special armor worn by Morill and shoves him into the path of an incoming train. Back at the Agency, Mujari determines that Project Dark Mirror is a chemical nerve agent, and Singularity was trying to release it in the atmosphere. A small amount could have killed millions, but the threat has passed now.

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Gabe visits the mausoleum for Addison and reflects on her while the credits roll. In a post-credits cutscene, she suddenly appears behind him, indicating that she had brought a harness to save her from falling. She and Blake have reunited.

Gabe also learns that Blake's comments reveal that Addison was lying about her age. Far from ten, she is twelve. Every page is a revelation. There are few other medievalists who possess simultaneously the artistic eye and deep historical understanding to undertake this pathbreaking research. Dark Mirror is a major study of art, society and history that will change how medieval anti-Judaism is to be explained and related to its modern descendants.

2. The Entire History of You

She convincingly embraces theology, philosophy, gender, the family and the city—and above all makes a powerful, balanced and engaging case for the way that art itself constituted discourse. With patience and wisdom Sara Lipton unravels an intriguing and fateful history of fascination and disgust. This is a book for anyone interested in the Middle Ages, in the Christian imagination, and in the experiences of the Jews.

Starring the wickedly talented duo of Hayley Atwell and Domhnall Gleeson, Be Right Back was the first Black Mirror episode to tackle death and grief, topics that would pop up again in later instalments, and which are ripe for the kind of existential, brain-scrambling tales that Brooker and co do best. Dealing with issues as varied as cloning, what happens to our online profiles when we die and whether one should purchase a placid, fingerprint-less replica of a dead partner, Be Right Back is Black Mirror at its best: creative, melancholy and just a little bit twisted.


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Whereas, there, a history represented something to be pored over by an obsessive husband convinced his wife had something to hide, here it meant something more profound: the memories treasured by a partner aiming to recreate the past, no matter the financial or emotional cost. Matt Jon Hamm , showing a sleazier side than even his Mad Men anti-hero Don Draper had uses it to coach hopeless men in how to pick up women, and stream their dates to other hopeless men online with fatal consequences. Meanwhile, Joe Rafe Spall is hunting down his ex, who blocked him through the Z-Eye, reducing him to little more than a fuzzy shape, to find out what became of the child with which she was pregnant when they broke up.

As we are increasingly asked to rate everything from restaurants to taxi journeys, series three opener Nosedive — set, as per, in a familiar but also unnerving near-future-slash-alternate-reality — felt particularly prescient. In it we meet Lacie Bryce Dallas Howard , who has to rate every single social interaction in her world — and expects a rating in return.