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A PhD thesis analyzing multiple factors found a measurable variance contributing to dogs with primarily black coats being euthanized rather than adopted.

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A study of dogs' length of stay LOS at two New York "no-kill" shelters determined that canine coat color had no effect. A Masters thesis analysis of 16, dogs at two Pacific Northwest shelters found that black dogs were adopted more quickly than average at both shelters.

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A study of cat adoption rates published in The Open Veterinary Science Journal concluded that "Results indicated that black cats, regardless of age or sex, require the longest time to adopt. They are followed by primarily black cats with other colors. A article in the journal Animal Welfare was conducted on adoptable dog characteristics.

A report in the journal Society and Animals on a pair of studies recording participant rankings of pictured dogs of varying attributes along eight different personality traits did not find a bias against black dogs. In the first study, using four types of poodles large black, small black, large white, and small white , participants ranked black poodles as more friendly than white poodles.

A second study with eight different breeds, including a black lab , suggested that the personality ratings of participants was based more on stereotypes of breed than on color.

Based on your responses, there is a low chance that you are currently experiencing depression.

It concluded that "in general, with the exception of the golden retriever , black labs were perceived as consistently less dominant and less hostile than other large breeds, contrary to the assumption that large, black dogs are viewed negatively. A study presented at the International Society for Anthrozoology conference that showed participants pictures of cats and dogs of varying colors found white cats were considered the friendliest, orange cats second friendliest, and black cats least friendly.

Among dogs, yellow dogs were considered friendliest, brown dogs second friendliest, and black dogs least friendly. Darker pets were similarly judged less adoptable, and black dogs were considered the most aggressive.

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Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science. Archived from the original PDF on Wichita State University. Animal Welfare.

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  • Celebrities back 'black dog' campaign to defeat depression.

The metaphor is now commonly used and this wry animation shows what a formidable mutt it can be. Despite tackling what is sadly still a taboo subject for many, writer and illustrator Matthew Johnstone will manage to bring a smile to the lips of anyone watching this.

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Crucially, it also shows that there are simple steps that can be taken to bring your black dog to heel — it is well worth sharing with anyone you know who is struggling with their own black dog. Video courtesy of the World Health Organisation and Mind Would you like to see another important video?

See how this woman — who was bullied by strangers for being "ugly" — turned the tables on her tormentors Learn why Margot Martini is searching for someone to save her life Follow telegraph. Terms and Conditions. Style Book.